Concerns have been sparked over the possibility of asbestos exposure and contamination after a recent blaze in Connecticut. The fire broke out at a factory site in Torrington. The Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation was a former paper mill, and was being used by a removal and storage company as a storage facility.

The fire was serious enough to result in surrounding roads in the area to be sealed off, and some witnesses claim that they saw the roof of the building collapse as a result of the fire. Many fire fighters were involved in putting out the blaze, but in the aftermath it was revealed that there was still a possibility of danger.

Out of six air sample tests that were taken by authorities following the fire three were found to contain asbestos, and this has resulted in fears amongst residents and officials over whether the area is dangerous, as asbestos exposure can cause a range of health problems including cancer.

One contractor said he was concerned because all of the structures on the site contained asbestos. However, investigators said that asbestos that was contained on the site was stored in encapsulated form, which means that the danger was not as high as with loose asbestos.

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