Concern has been expressed over asbestos plaster at a school, which has become saturated with water following the melting of ice that was left over from a storm last week. The school concerned is Haysville Middle School, which is in Kansas. The school sustained roof damage as a result of the storm.

According to reports the asbestos plaster attached to the concrete ceilings in twelve of the school’s classrooms has become saturated with water because of the melting ice, and the affected classrooms were sealed off by school officials whilst the issue was looked into.

Classes from the affected rooms have been relocated, and air quality tests have already been carried out. There was no evidence that asbestos had been released into the classrooms, but officials have said that air quality tests will continue to be carried out until the clean up has been completed.

It will be around one week before the affected classrooms will be re-opened and available for use again, as officials expect the clean up to be completed by next Wednesday afternoon.

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