Lead is very poisonous to human beings. Even tiny amounts of it in our blood, measured in millionths of grams (micrograms) can harm our health. Children absorb more lead than adults and are at higher health risk. More than 1,000,000 American children may have blood lead levels needing medical attention, and more than one million children may be somewhat mentally or emotionally impaired by lead exposure.

Acute lead poisoning is less common now than before lead’s toxicity was known. Nevertheless, with higher environmental lead levels, subtle health effects from small doses are being detected. Children risk premature birth, smaller stature, and lower mental development, and adult men may have higher blood pressure.

Airborne lead concentrations in American cities are tens of thousands of times higher than before lead mining began.

Mattel Fisher/Price has recalled million of these toys that have been found to contain lead.

Soft vinyl plastic (PVC – poly vinyl chloride or painted) toys could be sucked or chewed on by a very young child for prolonged periods of time on a daily basis, hereby exposing the child to surface lead, if any.

Home Depot and Lowes are about the only places to get a lead testing kit, but a local Home Depot Manager says it is extremely hard to keep the kits on the shelf.

Now You Can Screen For Your Own Risks at Home!

Since you can’t see, taste or smell lead, testing is necessary.

LEAD INSPECTORâ„¢ detects lead instantly at-home with no sending samples to costly labs! Get results instantly at-home! Check for lead in:

 Toys childrens’s plastic & metal toys – painted surfaces on toys, pet toys
Paint paint chips, painted surfaces
Water (drinking / potable)
Pottery dishes, fine china, ceramic-ware, glass, leaded crystal
Electronic Assemblies, circuit boards & other industrial applications
Children’s Lunch Boxes
Soil (garden, lawn & industrial)
Dust renovation / construction dust & dirt
Jewelry childrens / toy jewelry
Solder Joints, plumbing, bath tub glazes
Mini-blinds, furniture, antiques, food can seams, candle wicks
Mexican Candy
Cosmetic Make-up (lipstick, mascara)
Pet Food Bowls & Pet Toys
Baby Bibs & more!

To order your own lead testing kit, follow the link below:


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