Today I received a wonderful Press Release from ComScore. I am sure that many of you have never even heard of this ‘blood sucking, useless organization’.  Do you hate being tracked online? Do you hate the concept of targeted ad’s? These folks are the kings!

I think if you Google these idiots you will find a rather grumpy article I wrote quite a while ago I did not like the intrusion, I say that based solely on the fact the more than 16,000 people read it, no-one wants the intrusion. Like so many slippery and slimly aspects of the underbelly of the internet they go by various brand names, being one.

I complained bitterly about their invasive method of data collection. But, to quote Forest Gump, Stupid is as stupid does. I saw response times increase while accessing Blogger News, page refresh times headed into the toilet. Complaints started coming in.

It did not take a huge amount of rocket science to pin the problem down to ComScore and the various other operations under their control. I was pissed to the max! I sent a very grumpy email, get off this site, go bother someone else.

The response I received made me even angrier, they wanted to sign me up for their services!

There was clearly a misunderstanding of the phrase ‘#&^% Off’.

Even worse, the idiots now think that I am interested in their Press releases. Today another one arrived, in part it reads:


comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced that it ranked on the Technology Fast 500™, Deloitte’s ranking of 500 of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. Rankings are based on percentage of fiscal year revenue growth during the period from 2005–2009. comScore grew 154 percent during this period. comScore’s President, CEO and co-founder, Dr. Magid Abraham, credits a strong track record of innovation and the exceptional efforts of comScore employees with the company’s 154 percent revenue growth.

Of course they fail to mention the way they gather data. Have you ever tried to access a web site and it seems to hang on  or something similar? It is our good friends at ComScore.

How do they do it? Thats a great question. I do not believe that anyone has ‘opted in’ for this slow down of a page loading, and to the best of my knowledge there is no ‘opt out’ process.

In my mind they are little batter than a computer virus. Unfortunately there seems to be no ‘ComScore removal tool’. ComScore have convinced many (otherwise respectable) sites that their intrusive, and unwanted  snooping is a good thing.

I can only offer you the advice that the Press Release does include this contact information:

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to speak with an analyst.

Thank you,
Stephanie Lyn Flosi
comScore, Inc.

So if comScore are a pain to you, I suggest that you either email them or call them! I am sure that Ms. Flosi will be delighted to hear from you.

Simon Barrett

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