If I am voting against the President, it is not racism but because he is going out of his way to persecute the Catholic church:

The problem?

The week after taking office, the President removed conscience rights regulations from the federal regulations. This means that the only thing standing between Catholics and Muslims from being fired for refusing to do abortions is the old Civil Rights bill, that forbids discrimination for religious reasons.

I know this, because 40 plus years ago (before Roe V Wade), some of our professors were forcing medical students to “help” with abortions and learn to do them, and I refused. So I was failed in my rotation. But most folks knew I was Catholic, so I got reinstated on appeal, and the professor was reprimanded.

The irony of the Democratic party who traditionally supported the social issues in a way similar to those of the Catholic hierarchy, has now morphed to a pro death party, making it impossible to be a Catholic and a Democrat, because they don’t allow you just to tolerate abortion, but the law now says you have to cooperate with it.

It’s all or nothing: Because President Obama refuses to compromise even a little on his abortion agenda, we are told by opposing this part of his bill it means we want to take health care from the poor.

But it’s not all or nothing: it’s a minor government regulation that can be changed easily, but hasn’t been (the so called “compromise” is praised by the obedient MSM but is a farce from an ethical point of view).

Right now, it’s paying for abortion/birth control. Next step? Devising regulations to insist all hospital emergency rooms give out abortion pills. And the next step? Can you say “death panels” children? Paying hospitals to put non terminal patients on terminal sedation? Making “futile care” regulations mandatory, so that if you want treatment you have to pay for it yourself?

So in order to please a small but vocal “feminist” wing in the party (i.e. a political decision), the President is using the power of the government to destroy the Catholic institutions, and the press is covering the “disgruntled middle management” of aging new age nuns to pressure the church to comply.

So much for the “wall of separation of church and state”.

But there are other problems in the health care bill that haven’t been discussed. Quick: How many articles have you read about paying for the new bill by cutting medicare payments to docs? or that Tricare for the military families is also being cut?

Then there is the economy.

Condemn Bain? Yup. Condemn outsourcing? yup.

But that is the easy part. Evil Republicans are easy to bash. Yet where is the discussion of how to encourage businesses to set up factories in the US instead of sending them overseas? Where is the discussion of cutting excessive regulation that does more to make jobs in Washington than protect the environment.The dirty little secret is that faking paperwork is easy: just look at the Gulf Oil Spill, where the paperwork said the valve was safe.

Reviving the US manufacturing base is not as absurd as it sounds: Fracking means cheap energy to run factories, and since natural gas is hard to ship, it will actually be cheaper to manufacture in the US than overseas. And believe me: Here in Asia, there is a growing middle class that is willing to pay more for the “Made in USA” label, because too often the Chinese goods in our shops are shoddy.

Romney knows this, but does the President? The US needs programs to encourage retraining the young in factory skills, and in setting up new factories. But the President has had four years to start such programs, but he hasn’t. Instead, he went out of his way to insult Canada and destroy jobs by blocking the Keystone pipeline to please environmental activists.

Finally, there is the Defense problem.Here in the Philippines, we (and VietNam) are worrying that the pull back of the US power will result in a Chinese takeover of the West Philippine Sea. This would block the sea routes from South Asia and the Gulf to Japan, not to mention destroy our ability to drill for the gas and oil off our coast.

True, in the last year, the US fleet has come back to Subic, but the Chinese figure that when push comes to shove, they won’t do a thing, because the view America as weak.

The President has been sending a message around the world that he wants peace, not war, but the “message” is being interpreted by the bad guys as: come and get it, we won’t stop you.

I leave that discussion to the experts (ten years in the National Guard is enough to make me know I don’t know enough to discuss the issue). There is so much waste and pork in military programs it will take wisdom to know where to cut and where to keep.

Then there is this side issue: Benghazi.

Yesterday, a WaPo conservative blogger finally identified the CIA tried to help those caught at the embassy:

David Ignatius: CIA errors but no evidence of conspiracy

Well, no kidding. But it only took someone in Washington two months to notice this Reuters Africa post  report from Sept 12th was headlined:

Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush.

Captain Fathi al-Obeidi, whose special operations unit was ordered by Libya’s authorities to meet an eight-man force at Benghazi airport, said that after his men and the U.S. squad had found the American survivors who had evacuated the blazing consulate, the ostensibly secret location in an isolated villa came under an intense and highly accurate mortar barrage.

“I really believe that this attack was planned,” he said, adding to suggestions by other Libyan officials that at least some of the hostility towards the Americans was the work of experienced combatants. “The accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any regular revolutionaries.”

Ignatius’ story sounds like someone at the CIA decided they weren’t going to be the fall guy for the President and leaked the information.

But don’t worry, today’s editorial in the Washington Post says if you dare question why the President insisted that it was a civilian demonstration against a dirty movie meme for so long, you are playing politics.

But if you want an expert on what is going on there, check the StrategyPage podcast on the fiasco here:

The Deep Context of Benghazi – 11/1/2012
Austin discusses the context of before, during and after the Benghazi attack.

MP3 Download

The truth is coming out, because you can’t cover things up forever. And it’s policy questions, not politics.

The disturbing question is why the President tried to cover it up: Were the decisions made and the coverup done to help him politically? Was the Ambassador working with militias to illegally funnel guns to Syrian rebels? Or was the coverup merely to ignore that getting Ben Laden doesn’t mean the war against fascists who pretend to be Muslims is over.

Which brings us to Romney: if one reads the press, no one knows his background. Yet this is a guy who was governor of Massachusetts. That state is about as far left as one can find in the US yet he was elected and managed to govern successfully.He will be demonized by the far left (including much of the MSM) and the far right (Rush will have a field day), but for the 90 percent of us in the center, it may be a relief.

And who knows? Maybe a defeat of the far left who took over the Democratic party and tried to remake it (and the country) in it’s image will be the “medicine” they need to allow the centerist (Clinton branch) of the party to take the party back.———————————–
Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. She is a registered Democrat.

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