The family of a retired former sailor with the Navy has recently been paid over one million dollars in compensation after a lawsuit was filed. Seventy five year old Gerald Gray died earlier this year from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma, after inhaling asbestos dust and fibers during the years he worked as a sailor.

The lawsuit was filed against a manufacturer of ship parts, John Crane Inc, which makes various parts for ships, including gaskets. It is these parts that resulted in Gray being exposed to asbestos when working on the ships, according to the lawsuit.

Mr Gray actually passed away from the cancer five weeks before his case went to trial, but his family pursued the legal action and as a result was awarded $1.2 million. Another four companies were also named but settled out of court with the family for undisclosed sums.

The victim was not diagnosed with the cancer until 2008, after he began to develop symptoms. He was a high ranking Navy officer, and retired from the Navy in 1971, going on to become a teacher.

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