A Worker’s Compensation Board has recently disallowed the claim of a woman who claimed that her husband passed away from lung cancer as a result of being exposed to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos during his course of work as a welder.

The widow claimed that the exposure took place when her late husband worked for General Electric as a welder. However, expert testimony was heard by a New York Worker’s Compensation Board, and as a result of the testimony it was concluded that the widow could not prove this exposure and that the claim would therefore be disallowed.

As part of the testimony from experts it was claimed that there was no evidence to show that the man had been exposed to asbestos and that this had caused his disease. There was also expert testimony from a treating oncologist who said that there was not sign of asbestosis.

It was concluded that whilst the widow could not prove that her late husband had been exposed to asbestos there was proof that he had smoked around two packs of cigarettes a day for around forty five years, which could have resulted in his condition.

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