Comparing dot net developers and java developers, the former has several advantages over the latter. Among the foremost advantages of the dot net language itself is that it is considered to be a revised edition of Java. Experts familiar with software often tend to make mention of this. They also say that dot net is independent and a refined form of Java. This also means that it is an improvement over Java.

Yet again, another edge that dot net has is the speed in transferring data. This can be done because there are exact formats for the data to be exchanged in. These processes are the same as those that make the transfer of data rapid and smooth. This is possible because dot net is an open source application. In addition to that, dot net developers have the extra benefit of not being restricted to any one language, per say.

Moreover, dot net is relatively easy to develop, which makes the program the preferred choice for most developers. The flexible of the application renders it a favorite among many developers. Interfaces that are user-friendly are another feature that makes dot net developing popular. This has actually made the program prominent among users as well.

Apart from the advantages, there is a distinct probability that you might have to turn to inexpensive destinations like India to get your programming done. Though these dot net developers are much less expensive than those in the U.S., it may be an insurmountable task for some firms. There is also the hitch that dot net programs can be used exclusively with Microsoft applications.

This could costly since you have to buy a package from Microsoft to use the program. Also, dot net is better for use with smaller companies, while Java does a good job with companies like multinational firms.

Perhaps more important than the comparison between dot net and Java is the suitability of the application to your developing requirements. And the debate over which is better than the other is ongoing between developers. The deciding factor here would compliment the kind of technology that is supported ten years down the line.

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