A company has been fined over the mishandling of asbestos in Wayne County according to a recent report. The Toledo based asbestos removal company was fine over twelve and a half thousand dollars as a result of the asbestos removal violations.

According to officials from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency the company failed to comply with asbestos emission control standards when handling asbestos in 2006. The company that has been accused of the offence is Total Environmental Services.

One official from the EPA said: “The company failed to adequately wet asbestos-containing material that had been stripped from Gourley Hall at Ohio State University ‘s Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster . The company also neglected to wet the asbestos-containing waste while collecting and bagging it for disposal,”

The matter came to light when environmental officials examined bags of asbestos waste at the site in 2006, and it is claimed that the company then tried to rectify the problem by wetting the asbestos waste while it was in the bags.

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