Let’s just ignore those guys shouting allah allah, lolo.

Yes, they are acting suspicious in other ways, and yes, another passenger says she speaks Arabic and they are discussing how they dislike the USA, but this is Minneapolis, the home of tolerance.
When even the Minneapolis StarTribune prints stories about the mullah’s suspicious behavior you need to realize that some people have had it. Minnesota is full of Native Americans, and Hispanics, and Swedes, and Hmong, and they teach political correctness in their schools. So why the fuss?
That is why their story points out that the skinny praying Mullahs who asked for seat extenders and changed their seats to the best seats to hijack an airline were removed from their airline flight for more than just “traveling while Muslim”.

But the disturbing part of the story is that these self proclaimed victims aren’t just suing the airlines (deep pockets Kaching alert) but have namedthe passengers who worried about their strange behavior in the suit.
So now, if we passengers see something suspicious (whether it be a hallucinating passenger, a punk smoking dope, a drunk, or a raging paranoid schizophrenic) we will just stay mum about it, in fear that we will be sued.

We already know the result of the pressure not to profile by race or religion: They end up checking Lolo (lolo is Tagalog for Grandpa).
They have to “Justify” checking suspicious acting passengers and passengers who fit the profile by checking others who don’t act suspicious and don’t fit a profie.

And indeed, although I usually make it through the gate okay, Lolo invariably gets frisked, (about 50% or the time) and often, when I join him to yell in his good ear what they want to do, they check me and my luggage for good luck.

Usually they are good natured about it, and seem to appreciate we don’t mind the farce. But such friskings of the elderly are not always welcome: One family from India almost rioted when their elderly grandmother was told to get out of the wheelchair and be body searched when her artificial hip set off the alarm. Nor is it only the foreign elderly who are frisked, as Joe Foss learned when his Medal of Honor set off the medal detector…
No one supports “profiling” by race, but the flying Immans were profiled by behavior.

And there is a thing that we docs call “Countertransference”, that cops call “gut instinct”, and that women call “intuition”, where a trained person’s reaction to another person’s demeanor is a valid objective finding. This is a valid reason for passengers, crew, airline security people, etc. to question and examine a person or even to remove him from a flight. Better a few hurt feelings than a lot of dead passengers.

CAIR may be overextending their credibility when they encourage this court case. MSP.

Indeed, this group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, points out the same thing.

But is CAIR representing Muslims, or is it mainly representing Arab and Saudi Muslims, and promoting their political agenda? AIFD thinks so, pointing to their funding:

“Recent considerable donations to CAIR upwards of a combined $100 million from foreign nations like Dubai and Saudi Arabia make these types of costly, distractive actions against domestic airlines such as US Airways very concerning in its manifestation of foreign interference.”…

Tolerance is a two way street. The problems that Muslims claim to be only directed toward them are similar to those confronted by Irish Catholics, Italians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, and numerous other ethnic groups.

The trick is to keep what is important in your religious and ethnic heritage while becoming Americanized in other areas.

Here is a handy checklist:

Wearing a headscarf, a hat, a sari, or even wearing a religous habit is allowed in the USA. Hiding your face is not culturally acceptable. Certain places, like banks and airports, should be allowed to ban face coverings.

However, there is no reason you can’t continue shopping in Walmart or Target or the local grocery store. Indeed, my Muslim patients and my agorophobic patients often shopped at the 24 hours Walmart late at night to avoid crowds.
Want to swim only with other ladies? So do a lot of Hasadic women and a lot of fat women. But to sue a private health club to change their rules for a few members builds resentment. In the US you start your own health club. Maybe you should join the YWHA.
Refusing to eat pork is fine. Refusing to serve a customer who orders pork is not. Ditto for not allowing blind people with dogs into your cabs. The law of charity is more important than a rigid meaning of laws meant to promote hygiene rather than holiness.
Praying in public is fine. Praying loudly–or carrying a loud radio, or singing loudly–is not acceptable in public areas because you are disturbing others.

The “correct” procedure is to find a quiet corner or to say to others: We are going to pray, but we will try to be quiet not to disturb you. And if you don’t have time to find the prayer room that is present in most airports (including MSP) then you go into the corner and pray quietly. People will accept that.

Finally, since the Saudis are giving millions to CAIR and even more money to universities think tanks to increase US understanding and tolerance of Islam, could I suggest that Americans start an organization to fund understanding and tolerance of Christianity and other religions in Saudi Arabia?

There are an estimated one million Christians living in Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to practice their religion (the majority of Philippine OFW are Christian, as are many Indian OFW’s. Their rosaries and Bibles are confiscated on arrival, and religious services are forbidden).

As the saying goes: What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Or Tit for Tat.

And the Saudis should remember the words of an iconoclastic Jewish carpenter: Remove the 4by4 of wood from your eye before you take the splinter out of your brother’s eye.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She worked for five years in Minnesota and is familiar with the MSP airport. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 


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