The story this week regarding Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps operating naval ships in the Persian Gulf, is one that is worth keeping a close eye on. The manner in which the story was released (through a speech that Admiral Michael Mullen was giving at the army War College) seems inadvertent, but surely does the trick to alert the public that some naval action may be on the horizon.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is said to bring a more aggressive presence to the Gulf than had previously existed. It is fair to assume, that the United States Navy will not make the same mistake the British did in allowing the Iranians to take hostage their naval personnel in the area, and will take a far more aggresive stance toward vessels in close proximity.  A more likely scenario to come, should the Iranians take their chances and make such an approach,  would be a military conflict and a use of force. 

One need only remember the fate of the HMS Sheffield, in the 1982 Falklands war, (a loss at the hands of a smaller – weaker military force) to be reminded of the dangers of conflict – no matter how mismatched the battle. At the end of the day, we know how the score will read with such a conflict, but at what cost ? In any event, the potential exists for a showdown, maybe sooner than later.    

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