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Reprint from last March, article on Love in Truth

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The global stage is the platform for the next papal encyclical, which will be titled Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth) according to the Vatican’s press release this morning. Benedict XVI’s latest pastoral writing intended for the faithful of the Church and indeed the entire world has multiple topics as part of the pastoral teaching. Included are Catholic perspectives on universal topics such as poverty,peace, war, the need for international cooperation, developing new global energy sources and the problems and concerns associated with globalization.
In keeping with the development of the theme of “love” the papal pronouncement reportedly will teach about the context of “love” in understanding “truth.” The Popes first encyclicals examined the virtues of love, then hope. This encyclical will focus on the virtue of “truth.”

Increasingly, the Holy Father is focused on the global reach of his pastoral message and Catholic teachings. According to Catholic News Agency, the encyclical will be published in Chinese as well. The current diplomatic activities between the Holy See and the Chinese government emphasizes the importance the Church in China holds for the future of the Catholic Church in Asia and indeed the world. The papal teaching will include a Chinese translation with the encyclical’s publication.

The topics that are included in this papal discourse are important concerns not only for the world’s Catholics, but also the global community as international relations take on a new and significant life with the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. Clearly, the topics concerned are in keeping with the papal direction towards global renewal of peace and reconciliation through greater religious harmony.

Benedict’s writings clearly are indicative of the fact that topics such as global warming, international poverty are not just matters of concern for the Catholic community, but are interrelated concerns for the entire international community. The discussion of these topics is for Benedict XVI a logical extension of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, of which he was a central participant as a theologian. Most importantly the new encyclical will consider the direction necessary for Catholics to develop while becoming an important part of the global society as political, social and economic stewards of not only the Gospel message, but the worlds key resources.

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