I like Sam Moffie, you just never know where he is going to head next. Every book is completely different.  A brand new literary luncheon. Well I have great news, the world is about to get a brand new word feast from Sam Moffie.

front_cover_to_kill_the_duke.jpgSam contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I might cast an eyeball over the galley of To Kill The Duke, I did, and yes, it was everything that one might expect from this very fine writer.  Deliciously rich characters served up in a sumptuous sauce of plot.

Book reviewing tends to be a profession with few perks, we don’t even get a discount on eye exams! But, often times we do get to interact with authors. I am happy to say that Sam is one of those authors. I always enjoy talking to him. I’ll bet you didn’t know this about Sam…..

He has an alter ego. No, he is not bi-polar, he just has a side that readers don’t know about. He owns a bar in Austintown Ohio! I have never been to Bills Place, but it is on my To Do list. I plan on going there on a Monday because they run a special deal, 15 cent Chicken Wings, what’s not to love about that? I bet that they also have some yummy ice cold draft beer.

Yesterday Sam and I had a chat on the phone, I wanted to ask him about one particular part of To Kill The Duke. It has nothing to do with the story, but who could resist a great conversation about maggots?

I will not share this story yet, I will keep it for the upcoming interview, but I will say this, it is pretty darn funny. I am still giggling.

If everything works the way it should, To Kill The Duke will be hitting the store shelves in about three weeks.

Hang tough fans of Sam Moffie, you will love To Kill The Duke.

You can find out more about Sam by checking out his web site.

Simon Barrett




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