To be published on Oct/8 it is not the story you might think of. This story does not involve Simon Wiesenthal, Israel, or the Mossad. Yes it is about justice, yes it is about bringing the Nazi’s to task after WWII.

The US boasts of the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Delta Force, and who knows how many other secret and not so secret efforts. Britain has only one, well only one that is talked about, the SAS. They are the elite of the elite.

During WWII the SAS took on many missions that were ‘crazy’, ‘impossible’, ‘suicidal’ and for sure, many paid with their life. What is less known is that at the end of WWII the SAS was disbanded, or was it? Records reveal that although the SAS ceased operation in 1945, a small group continued until 1948. Was it vengeance, revenge, or sheer bloody mindedness? That is a question that may never be fully answered. The one thing that is clear, these men wanted accountability for wrongs that had been committed to their fellow members and just importantly almost 1000 French villagers that had dared to keep their silence about an SAS operation that went south.

I have not read the whole manuscript yet. But the little I have puts ‘Nazi Hunting’ in a whole new light.

Simon Barrett

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