I was so excited when I saw this press release, the first seven hit loaded albums from this iconic and influential band being dusted off, re-released, and with loads of bonus material added. Once again we will get to hear the Knights In White Satin sing Nights In White Satin!

I doubt that there are many people in the US, or likely the entire civilized world that have not heard  Nights in White Satin. I would bet a dollar if I was to stop 100 people and play the first 30 seconds of the song, 99 would recognize it, that remaining one person, has spent the last 40 years living in lead plated nuclear bomb fallout shelter 400 feet under the Ural Mountains!

I am delighted in the recent rash of re-releases from the 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s. It is even better that a lot of these reinventions are coming out of the major music houses, you just know that the sound quality will be superb. Kudos to UME for this one!

This release also coincides with one of my favorite hobbies as a reviewer, to listen back to back to the albums in chronological order and listen to how the music grows over time. Last year, in a marathon session I listened to 14 Al Stewart albums, now that’s dedication!

I can’t wait to pop these little darlins in the player.

Justin Hayward (lead guitar/vocals), John Lodge (bass/vocals), Ray Thomas (flutist/vocals), Graeme Edge (drums) and Mike Pinder (keyboard/mellotron/vocals) sold more than 55 million albums, achieved multi-platinum status, and impacted music history.  The band is still going strong, although the line up has changed a little.

These great albums hit the street on July/15, and will be available in better record stores. (I will track down an online source tomorrow). Oh, And I will have more details about the actual contents in this new package…. stay tuned.

To get your Moody Blues gene all excited check out their web site, they have several songs available to stream.

Simon Barrett


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