There are few people fifty and older who can not remember with clarity where they were on November/22 1963. I had just turned 8 years old, I had never even visited America, my world was a small village in the north of England. but I remember watching a news flash on the family black and white TV, “President Kennedy has been assassinated” the well spoken BBC announcer told us all.

I had never even heard of Dallas, and indeed it would be three decades before I visited the city. But even at the tender age of 8 I realized that the news I had just heard was profoundly disturbing.

Over the intervening years I have read many JFK books, I have watched watched more documentaries on the subject than most people. I have been entertained and appalled by some of the conspiracy theories. Magic bullets, the Grassy Knoll, the reload time of the bolt action riffle used, been there, done that!

Do not get me wrong, this is not an obsession, it is just a subject that I find interesting, As we approach the 47th anniversary of that black day in Dealey Plaza it is clear that this is one puzzle that may never be solved.

Some books and documentaries on the subject of JFK would be more accurately labeled as Fiction or Fantasy, occasionally one does however have genuine historical significance. A chance to add another piece to the jig saw puzzle. We may well be on the verge of such a book.

The Simon & Shuster publishing company are about to publish The Kennedy Detail. Authored by Gerald Blain with the help of Lisa McGubbin it takes us inside the very small and very private world of the Secret Service detail assigned to protect President Kennedy. Gerald Blaine was one of the very select and numerically small group of agents tasked with his safety.

S&S have been keeping this book very close to their chests. Although it is slated for  release today, it was only yesterday that I received a Galley for it!

I have only read about 70 pages, but I know a quality book when I see one, this will be on the must have list for anyone interested in the JFK story.

My review of the book will be coming soon!

For those of you that want to be first in line, you can order from Amazon. OK, back to reading….

Simon Barrett

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