How Talk Radio Opened The Window To Corruption In One Of The Most Powerful Political Families

I am apolitical, it doesn’t seem to who is in power. Government keeps getting bigger and the man in the street keeps paying  Fred Lucas has just published The Clinton Addiction To Power.

To quote from Amazon:

The subject of FBI investigations and the leaders of the most controversial political organization in America, the Clintons have long been the subject of talk radio. Fred Lucas opens up those conversations that tore open the secrets currently being examined by the FBI. For those interested in the dynamics of Washington politics, the undercurrents of the Establishment and the lust for power that moves those who practice politics in Washington today, Fred Lucas brings those readers into the mix.

“Fred Lucas not only delineates the roots of talk radio as a venue for communicating conservative political thought in the 1930s and 40s, he explains how it has become, in the 21st century, the life force for the conservative movement and the voice for conservative ideals on the current political landscape. Anyone who loves talk radio will love this book”
-Mark Levin, talk radio host, #1 New York Times best selling author of Ameritopia


I do love talk radio. Yes it leans right, which I do not, but it is delightful.

Simon Barrett



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