Book of Mimi 1 Front CoverI am convinced that we live in an ever shrinking world. Several years ago I wrote a review of a book by a new author Ron Standerfer. It was a semi-autobiographical novel about his life as an Air Force pilot. The Eagle’s Last Flight was a captivating read. You can find my review here.

The question that I asked myself was what might Ron do next? Would he keep writing or would he fold up his tent and move on to other interests?  One thing was clear, he was ticked off at the world of publishing. As with most first time authors, he went with the old saying ‘if you build it they will come’.  Alas that is not the case with books. I view the book industry as an ugly place, it is hard to write a book, but that is the simple part. Publishing it is much harder. And hardest of all is selling the book.

Well Ron Standerfer certainly surprised me. In classic fighter pilot mode, he decided that the best defense is to launch an even larger offense. Why be a victim of the publishing world, when instead you can conquer it?

The Pelican Communications Group was formed.

The first book is scheduled for a May/1 release, The Book Of Mimi I by Daniel Aldouby. I have been privy to the draft and I think this book will have broad appeal and do very well. Although it is a work of fiction, the author draws heavily on historical fact.

When we meet Mimi she is a young lady, just 19 years old. The date is some 80 years BC and the location the Sea of Galilea. Mimi is no regular girl and Daniel Aldouby takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery.

It would be a huge disservice to Daniel to share more information at this time. However I can say that this is part one of a trilogy, part two is well underway, and I suspect that part three has been mapped out.

Stay tuned, I will have more to say about The Book Of Mimi as it gets closer to release.

Simon Barrett




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