Starring Lucy Liu and Michael Chiklis RISE: Blood Hunter opens in theaters on June 1st. I have a feeling that this movie is going to be a big hit. It seems to contain all of the ingredients of a fine, and somewhat dark themed movie. The undertones of vampirism should appeal to the horror flick fan.

I tried out the trailer on my wife (who is a big fan of the horror genre) and she liked it, in fact she asked me when I was getting the whole movie! Of course I was hiding behind the couch with my eyes closed throughout the entire trailer!

Rise is an interesting movie, Sadie (Lucy Liu) is an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon an underground cult that is attracting the young hipsters of Los Angeles.  When these kids start disappearing then turning up dead, she wants to understand why.  In the midst of her investigation, she herself falls prey to the mastermind behind all the gruesome murders and nothing is the same again.

When Sadie awakes in the dark, pushing her way out into the light, she discovers she’s not alive, but she’s not dead either.  As she traipses through the seedy underbelly of downtown Los Angeles, her senses are reeling– she must feed to quench her thirst and blood is the nourishment she needs.  How can she kill innocent people to satisfy her craving?  Why is she alive when she should be dead?

Detective Rawlins (Michael Chiklis) has lost his only daughter to this cult. Distraught over her death, he vows to find her killer and exact his revenge.  When Sadie crosses his path, he believes that she is the killer, but soon learns she will lead him to those that did their heinous deeds to his only child. He and Sadie are on the same mission—out to kill the same person— so joining forces makes sense, even if Sadie is technically as dead as his own daughter.

As they go on their hunt, Sadie and Rawlins come to an agreement.  Their pact is to kill all members of the cult, in hopes of finding their leader, so that these murders of the innocent will stop.

Simon Barrett




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