landscapeI have been following author Mary Martin for several years, she likes trilogies. It was almost ten years ago when she hit the market with the Osgood Trilogy. In 2010 she started on The Trilogy Of Remembrance. The first book The Drawing Lesson  was far from what I had expected, Mary Martin had completely changed story lines. Neturnerw characters, and new avenues of discovery.

There is as yet no book cover, but my suspicion is that it will involve a picture not unlike the one above. I can’t nail the artist down, but it smacks of Turner in Margate! There is this picture as well, it reeks of Turner. I will find out. But before I go on a sleuthing mission lets talk a little about the first two books,

At the heart of the book is one Alexander Wainwright, a gifted landscape artist. He is a man that can make paintings come alive. He alas also has demons, some in his head, but more importantly one who is flesh and bone, a conceptual artist by the name of Rinaldo.

The world of art might seem a strange subject to base a trilogy on. I disagree, the art world is full of mysteries and conflict.

The second book in the series The Fate Of Pryde also featured Alexander Wainwright, but maybe in a slightly different light. Jonathan Pryde, is on the surface a rich benevolent lover of the world of art. But is he? Or is he something else?

Part three Night Crossing is about to hit the book stores. Yes, I have been privy to the manuscript. In this final book Alexander Wainwright must face possibly his most serious foe, which is himself. Mary Martin always writes in a style that makes the reader think. Are Rinaldo and Johnathan Pryde  inherently bad, is Alexander inherently good?

Night Crossing does not answer those questions, rather it creates even more questions.

The exact publishing date for Night Crossing is not set, but it will be soon. My recommendation is to read The Drawing Lesson and The Fate Of Pryde to get up to speed first.

Simon Barrett

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