Tommy Roe the 60’s king of bubblegum pop is alive and well. And he is back! It was almost exactly a year ago that I had the opportunity to sit down with Tommy Roe for a chat and to take some of his fabulous hits for a spin on the airwaves. Sure Sweet Pea, Dizzy, and the rest of his top ten hits were from more than 40 years ago, but they are still wonderful to listen to. They are as fresh and toe tapping today as they ever were.

The reason for the interview was that after several years of ‘retirement’ Tommy was bored, he missed the stage and the audience, so he had decided to come out of exile and play ‘just a couple’ of concerts for old times sake.

What really impressed me is how nice a human being he is. No airs and graces, just the type of person that everyone would like to have in their circle of friends. He also still has a huge fan base, including my wife! In fact a few weeks after the interview he recorded a birthday greeting for her. It was such a simple yet delightful gesture. Her eyes got very wide when I played it for her.

The name Tommy Roe may not be a familiar one to the younger generation, but when I say:

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Tommy began writing songs at the age of fourteen, and his first recording effort yielded the international #1 hit..SHEILA. In 1963, Tommy Roe headlined the now famous UK tour, in which a rising band called The Beatles were a featured act on his tour.

You should get an understanding of just what a music powerhouse we are talking about!

Having the Beatles as your ‘warm up band’ looks good on any ones resume!

Obviously playing just a couple of gigs for old times sake has re-ignited the Tommy Roe engine. He has decided to play a couple more gigs this year, but there is a twist in the tale. Yes the audience will get to hear the songs that made him great, but they will also get to hear some brand new and very, very good new songs.

He is working on a brand new CD, the title has yet to be etched in stone but Devils Soul Pile seems to be the likely winner. He kindly shared some of the tracks with me and I have to say that they are excellent.

On Thursday April/5 at 5pm central Tommy Roe and I will once again be on the airwaves, and we will be broadcasting these new songs for the very first time. Yup, an international exclusive!

These songs are so fresh off the press that they have yet to go through the mastering process for the CD.



And I will end with piece of trivia. It is my theory that Tommy Roe almost did not become a musician. As this 1959 picture reveals, he had his sights set on the NFL!


I do hope that everyone that is a fan of Tommy Roe will listen it at 5pm central on Thursday April/5 to what will be a great interview and of course an opportunity to listen to some of his new songs. To catch the live broadcast use this link.

Simon Barrett


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