HBO has created quite a name for themselves, both with in house produced movies, and also increasingly with documentaries. HBO tackles issues that are too hot for the mainstream media to handle, and that makes for some good viewing.

I managed to get a sneak peek at this documentary that will be airing on November 19th. Many may not agree with PETA’s tactics, and they certainly do have members that are on the lunatic fringe, but this is  riveting film making. While I may not agree with the goals or the methods employed by this organization, they present a very convincing and at times, ugly view of our relationship with animals. The footage that I saw was very disturbing. So disturbing that I am not really sure I will be able to watch the entire show.

This will be a program that you will NOT want your kids to watch. I shared a clip with my wife, and she had this to say “Oh my god!, that poor animal was still alive when they done that!”

Man’s inhumanity to man is well understood, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, they are all shining examples, what we maybe do not grasp as well is how we treat animals.

Somehow I have to write a review of this documentary. The good news is that I still have two weeks to pluck up courage and watch the entire thing!

Simon Barrett

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