A couple of days ago I got wind of a new TV program that will hopefully be hitting the air waves in the not too distant future. The pilot is in the can and the film makers are in talks with several cable channels. Cradle To The Grave is a reality program about the Paranormal. Yes there are a number of TV programs that cover this area, but I am not sure I buy into some of the claims that they make on a weekly basis. While I certainly do not think they are faking things, I do remain somewhat skeptical of their findings.

Cradle To The Grave is a little different, it has some rather unique twists. The team of ‘ghost hunters’ are all women, two of the four are delivery room nurses, ladies rooted in hard science.

The programs director is Mike Austin, and his wife Lisa is one of the nurses. Here is the trailer to the program:

Through a mutual friend I caught up with Mike and Lisa to find out a little more about Cradle To The Grave. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and certainly did not expect what I discovered. Mike is of the same school I am from, he is a healthy skeptic! While his position is ‘behind the camera’, he is the umpire and wants to show the facts rather than the fiction. I rather like this approach.

Lisa Austin is just as interesting. I could not resist asking her what I consider a key question. How does she reconcile the ‘hard science’ of nursing with the ‘soft’ and unclear world of the paranormal? Lisa pointed out that while Medicine was indeed a ‘hard science’ there were also situations where strange and inexplicable things happen. Medicine, like every science is an evolving and growing entity. New discoveries are made every day.

Lisa makes a good point. One only has to look at advances in medicine, we have come far from using Leaches for a good blood letting, yet we can hardly say that we know it all.

The paranormal covers a very wide range of areas. Is it fact or fantasy? That is a question that can only be answered by research. It is research that drives our understanding of who we are and what we are.

I give Cradle To The Grave high marks for trying to put a face to a shadow.

I also want to make mention of one of the ‘behind the scenes’ people involved. If you watched the trailer you have to admire the obvious skill and art of editing and production. I’ll quote Mike Austin:

It was amazing, I watched him while he worked. It was technology meeting art. Two worlds that rarely work well together.

So who was the masked man? It was none other than AMD’s Director Of Digital Media Charlie Boswell! This guy is an anathema. He works in the ‘silicon’ world, and if ‘provoked’ will give you a good ear bashing on CPU’s, GPU’s, APU’s and any other sort of ‘U” mentioned. In his alter ego (Marvel Comics should take note) Charlie sheds the corporate silicon suit and puts on his Super Hero Artistic Cape! Like all good Super Heroes few people know of Charlie’s secret life!

Simon Barrett

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