To most of us in America the sport of ‘Ping Pong’ is some harmless pastime that occurs in the rec-room or the garage on lazy Saturday afternoons. That is not the case. In many parts of the world it is a fiercely combative sport. Reputations are gained or lost by how you handle your ‘balls’. Much is made of the different styles of play, the Europeans prefering one style, and the the Asians prefering the Pen grip. Balls Of Fury, explores the murky world of illegal Ping Pong tournaments, and looks like it is a fine comedy!  Rogue Pictures has just announced that the release date for Balls of Fury has moved up to August 31, 2007.

 To quote the press release:

In this secret society, the competition is brutal and the stakes are high. It is the unsanctioned, underground, and utterly unhinged world of clandestine Ping-Pong tournaments. Down-and-out former professional Ping-Pong phenom Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) is sucked into this maelstrom when FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and win, and to smoke out his father’s killer – arch-fiend Feng (Christopher Walken).

Well I am suckered in! You should check out the trailer. With this kind of cast, I suspect that Balls Of Fury may well be the movie that hits the big time when it is released. 

Simon Barrett  


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