If you are a fan of The Who, you will want to mark November 6th on your calendar. Universal Studios Home Entertainment is releasing not one, but two full length DVD features on this iconic group that has helped shape rock music for over four decades. Tommy and Quadrephenia were, and still are, breathtaking in their scope. Few bands have enough confidence to include other superstars on their album, but that never bothered The Who. The band has changed lineups a couple of times, but this has been out of necessity (the death of Keith Moon in 1978, and John Entwistle in 2002) rather than vanity. They have always maintained that classic Who sound.

Disc one is Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who takes a long hard look at the history of the band through the eyes of band members and industry insiders. It premiered at the Toronto film festival and received critical acclaim. Disc two is Amazing Journey: Six Quick Ones which takes the viewer inside the world of The Who, and the forces that drive these juggernauts of the music world.

Pioneers of the Rock Opera, pioneers of wanton destruction, let’s face it, whatever they have turned their hand to, they have mastered. They quickly developed a name for themselves with their destructive stage show. I am sure that The Who and Keith Emerson tried to out do each other! While Keith tended to take out his frustration on Hammond organs, The Who used a looser set of values, hotel rooms, vehicles, instruments, they were all fair game! If it wasn’t bolted down (or even if it was) it was in trouble.

Some people may think that Halo 3 is hot stuff, well it does not hold a candle to The Who, I’ll be camping out waiting for the store to open on November 6th! You can check out the trailer (QuickTime), you should also take a look at the official Web Site.

Simon Barrett


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