It is with great pleasure that I welcome Sam Moffie, to the site. He is an author, activist and general troublemaker! I Like him. Simon Barrett

So, I was watching Dr. Strangelove and I’ am at the part where everyone is in the “War Room”, listening to Dr. Strangelove explain how they might all just survive Doomsday,

When lo and behold the Senate majority Leader Harry Reid (d) Nevada enters the film and changes the name ‘Doomsday’ to ‘nuclear option’. In 1975, the United States Senate adopted their own rules that said anyone of them could threaten filibuster without playing Jefferson Smith if the Senate couldn’t muster 60 + votes.

Thus, through Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II this has been okay. Now along comes Obama and in his second term it isn’t. Fancy that! Obama can’t do diddlysquat about repairing the web site that has cost taxpayers zillion and apparently good old Harry Reid can’t either, but when it comes to those appointments – screw advise and consent – screw 38 years of something that has plagued five previous Presidents and give Obama what he wants damn it! Memo to Harry– 2014 could doom you to the minority party and then what? 51 votes could be thrown right back in your face. The trouble with Harry is that he just can’t help himself.

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