If convicted, she should be sentenced to death.

I honestly never thought that I would say that someone who kills an animal should be sentenced to death. Even a few years ago when someone snatched a woman’s dog out of her backyard and slit its throat because it wouldn’t stop barking, I didn’t think they deserved to be executed for it (although I readily admit I could see myself quite probably feeling differently if it was one of my dogs).

Maureen McLaughlin, however, deserves the death penalty if she is in fact guilty as charged. She won’t get it — in fact, so far they can technically only charge her with one count of animal cruelty, so she probably won’t get much more than a slap on the wrist.

Maureen likes to go around and collect animals — small dogs, puppies and cats — mostly from people who think they’re surrendering the animal to a rescue representative. Maureen takes these animals home in a small pet crate and then, when she gets them into her apartment, she submerges the crate in a trashcan full of water to drown them. She’s done this, by her own admission to investigators earlier this week, since 2002. Two of her victims were her mother’s cat and her mother’s friend’s cat. She’s done it more than 650 times. In small plastic bags, she keeps a tuft of fur from each animal, along with a written description, the date, animal’s name and so on — sort of a macabre obituary or a twisted memorial. She knows it’s wrong, but couldn’t tell investigators why she does it.

Maureen wasn’t home when investigators showed back up the next day to arrest her and her whereabouts are currently unknown. The prosecutor worries that she may wind up working or volunteering for an unsuspecting veterinarian, rescue agency or animal shelter. At the link below, you can find a short news video with pictures (all of them grainy, unfortunately) of this woman.

WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio’s News Leader – Woman Accused Of Drowning Hundreds Of Animals | Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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