Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has managed to secure a very tough reputation while in office. Since taking office four years ago, he has made one thing absolutely crystal clear: He will tolerate no nonsense. As if anyone needed further proof of this, Uribe went one step further while giving a speech in the port city of Buenaventura. In the middle of his speech Uribe pointed down to the city mayor’s secretary and opened accused him of trying to get a naval officer to hand over a captured stash of cocaine. He then ordered officers to come arrest the stunned public official while still shouting “You are unworthy to carry out your duties. The government cannot do battle when someone in a position as important as yours lacks patriotism.”

Uribe came into power four years ago after he promised to be one that would end the four decade insurgency within the country. Uribe has personal interest in ending this conflict because his father was killed during a failed rebel kidnapping attempt. He is currently in his second term after praise for reducing violence was heard from supporters. Critics are still present though to say that he is not doing enough for human rights violations and wonder if he is the one that will really end the country’s history of violence.

Official gets tough treatment (Reuters)

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