With midterm elections quickly approaching with less than a week to go, Republicans sunk to a new low in smear campaigning in Colorado this week. Yesterday, a brand new mailer was received by voters in the Denver area in which the Democratic nominee to the congressional seat, Ed Perlmutter, is criticized for being soft on crime. The real issue though is that the mailer was designed to look just like a sex offender notification card.

In response to the mailer, Perlmutter’s opponent Rick O’Donnell said that he was not responsible for the mailer and had no control over it since it was mailed out by the state Republican party and not by anyone in his office though he did say that if he had control over the mailer and content of the ad it would not have gone out.

Not only is the office and staff of Perlmutter upset by this though, outrage has come from citizens of the area where the mailer was sent out. “This is an abominable situation. This is outrageous. Our police agencies and our sheriff’s offices have enough to do without getting calls from terrified neighbors after receiving trash like this in the mail,” former Adams County Sheriff Bill Shearer said about the mailer.

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