Lamarana says Sam was Jawara’s   Conteh accused!     Jammeh Former coup leader
right hand??

By Lamarana Jallow, son of the Gambia.

Dear Mr. Editor,

Thanks for giving me space to respond to Colonel Sarr’s recent misleading and deceptive reaction to my past pieces. Sarr instead of addressing the issues, he embarked on a useless field day by trying to trace my true identity. Sarr should remain calm, focused and resolute. My identity is not important at this hour. What matters is the allegations leveled against him. Sam deliberately ignored the counter coup allegations. Sam was tasked by deposed President Jawara to receive the  Guinean troops to foil the July 22nd coup. The Guineans  were denied landing space by the erstwhile Senegalese President Abdou Joof. Conteh at the time had promised Jawara with quick reactionary  force to tackle the coupists led by Yahya Jammeh. Some of the Guinean soldiers tried to land in Dakar, but were refused landing space by Joof’s government. Sam worked very hard to ensure that he laid down the necessary tactical operations to launch operation duped” restoring Jawara’s government.” This was the time he surveyed the Radio Gambia and other military instillations in the Greater Banjul Area.Sam was Sir Dawada’s good friend. Sam was Bakary Bunja Darboe’s good friend. Jawara  thought that Sam was the only officer who can bring him back in Banjul. Sam had his own boys in the army then. Ebou Jallow, Omar Faye, Lie Conteh, Mba Jobe, Johnson and others. Some of these officers have left, while few are still in active duty. If the said operation to restore Jawara back had succeeded Sam would have been hired as Interior Minister. That I can confirm. Lamin Kaba Bajo was  on board the US Navy boat at the time. Bajo was privy to all the conversations Jawara had with his contacts in Banjul at the material time. Bajo himself was supposed to join Sam and others to foil the coup, but their much anticipated Guinean troops never materialized. Senegal never wanted to help Jawara to return to the country. It was the Guinean government then. 

While Sir Dawda was in exile, he was still interested in recruiting his right hands to end the era of the junta. The likes of Omar Faye now Sports Minister and Sam Sarr misled the old man on numerous occasions about their determination to lead troops to restore his government back. Today, Sir Dawda is being accorded special treatment by Jammeh with uninterrupted salary, security and other allowances. Sir Dawda left Sarr, Sarra Jagha, BB Darboe, Amadou Lowe, James Gaye just to name a few former PPP big wigs behind.

Sam got it all wrong by associating me with Chongan’s former orderly. I just laughed over it when I saw that miscalculations on the side of Sarr.  I have been a policy maker throughout my life. I think with this brief tip-off you should be able to connect the dots…..

Sam was an intellectual of the highest order, while in the army. I’m not disputing that. We used to be good friends. What baffles me was his treacherous attempts to dine with Jawara and Jammeh at the same time. Sam should have call it a day with the boys after his jailing. But no. He was abused, tortured and threatened with death. Yet, Sam accepted an invitation to work with the junta. There was nothing wrong with him declining a job offer accorded to him by the junta. But due to greed and lack of principles he traded his integrity.

Sam shared the same characteristic with Bakary Bunja Darboe. BB was Jawara’s right man. He served  almost in all key cabinet positions. Knowing fully well that military coups are illegal and undemocratic, BB responded to an invitation to serve as Minister of Finance. The entire PPP rank and file were shocked by BB’S naked and shameless misconduct. He betrayed Sir Dawda and the PPP leadership.

I was not surprised when Sam said BB was lobbying for his release. Yes, they are birds of the same feathers. They lacked principles. BB was posed to replace Jammeh if  his plans materializes. BB and I once had a brief chat shortly after he was hired by the junta. I remember him telling me that these boys got to go. All of a sudden, BB disappeared from the political scene. The last thing I heard from him was his Kiang trip.

When news of the November 11 abortive coup hit’s the nation, BB fled the country. BB was one of those working with Sam on Jawara’s comeback. BB dare deny that he was talking to Sarr. As I said earlier, I used to be closed to Sam. I know his family. He also knows my family. Let me stop there.

The Freedom Newspaper should be commended for its impartiality throughout this debate. All what Sam wants is to chase me out of this well read paper. He and Chongan should stop the conspiracy to have my postings banned. What has Chongan have to do with journalism? The Freedom editors should refused to be dictated by people like Chongan and Sarr. All what they wanted is to project their image in the public light. The Gambia is too small. We know each other.

I remember when Sarr accuses Major Ann of refusing to go to Guinea Bissau for peace keeping. Sam misrepresented Ann to the President. I was present when Sam was mouthing bad stuff against Ann. Baboucarr Jatta was present. Sam concluded that Ann should be fired. Let Sam defend himself on this.

Ann used to senior Sarr, but the latter never wanted to complement the former.  Ann being  an O  Level graduate, Sarr thought that the officer was below his intellectual background. As soon as Jammeh promoted him as Lt. Colonel,  he Sarr started to exhibit his dictatorial tendencies against his perceived enemies in the army.  I will sum up here until next week.

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