Lamarana Jallow says Sarr is  Lamarana says Chongan and Sarr
not better than Sabally!!!       need evidence to prove their case!

By Lamarana Jallow, a son of the Gambia.

Mr. Editor,

Please give me space on your widely read Newspaper. Do I hear fugitive Colonel Samsudeen Sarr accusing Sana Bairo Sabally of crime against humanity? Is this not the Sam Sarr who used to run Yahya Jammeh’s dirty errands for him in Banjul? Is this not the Sam Sarr, who led the security team to Senegal to extradite the late Yaya Drammeh and other Frafenni attackers? Is this not the Sam Sarr who presided over the trial by media against Yaya Drammeh and others? Is this not the Sam Sarr who supervised the torture of Yaya Drammeh and others? Unfortunately, Yaya Drammeh later died because of the torture he suffered from the hands of Sam’s boys. Sam witnessed all the torture sessions at the Mile Two and the NIA. Sam dares deny that he never witnessed the torture sessions. Did the so called Colonel thinks that we are sleeping? Look, let Sam Sarr stop playing with Gambians minds. He’s equally guilty as Sana Sabally. He is not better than Sana at all. Here is the pot calling the kettle black. Sam’s recent showcase to criminalize Sana Sabally is the height of hypocrisy. Thanks to the GRTS, Sam’s image has been captured. The Farafenni arm attack tape is in my possession and I  can provide it to the Freedom Newspaper for all to watch it online. This was the day when Sam uses his literary skills to carricature the attackers calling them cowards, bandits and all that sort. Sam cannot deny this. Sarr allowed to be used by Jammeh, only to be dumped after he outlived his usefulness. I thought it necessary to halt his new project of lies without proofs. Though, there is proof at hand to indict Sam for aiding and abetting Jammeh. Sam cannot say that his conduct was inline with the dictates of the laws of the country.

Exposing his dishonest and unprofessional conduct, Sam uses the GRTS as a court platform to try and convict the accused persons. Remember, the matter in question has not even reaches the court at the time. I remember Lawyer Lamin Jobarteh, a former NIA Director cautioning his colleagues, including  the media to avoid commenting on the main substance matter of the case, as it might undermine the judicial process. The late Daba Marena and other security chiefs were in attendance including Sam Sarr. Sam careless about his open contempt against the laws of the land, his primary objective was to impress Jammeh. Period.

Colonel Sarr would be the last person to accused Jammeh, because the man had succeeded in using him over the years. All his  past noises  centered on the November 11 incident and his past experiences at the mile two prisons. He has own story to tell the Gambian people. Sam was Jammeh’s errand boy.

When he failed in his bid to succeed Babocarr Jatta, he resorted to character assassination against Jatta to the President. His pettiness caused him his job. In the end, he never won the respect of Jammeh. Sam was pushing too hard to be the army commander. He calls Jatta uneducated, daft and coward. The Freedom Newspaper was right when it reported that Sam fought with Baboucarr Jatta, which led to his sacking. Sam never wanted to recognize Jatta as his senior man. He treats the officer with contempt and had always been saying bad things about Jatta. Thanks to Baboucarr Jatta, Sam was reinstated into the army. Yet, the ungrateful Sam Sarr was busy plotting against Jatta. What Sam fails to realize was that he cannot be an army commander under Jammeh’s government. Never!! Jammeh never trusts him and cannot trust him.

Sam’s package of lies and deception should be countered for the sake of the records. Mathew Jallow of the Echo was not in the Gambia, when Sam Sarr used to terrorize coup suspects and members of the armed forces. We know Sam very well. He is nothing but a fake.

Sam fled the Gambia when there was a pending criminal case against him. His case file is still opened. Sarr is equally guilty of crimes against humanity just like in the case of Sana Sabally. Sam cannot deny that he was not being investigated.

If the late Yaya Drammeh was alive he would have offered a vivid account as to how Sam threatened to  employ  intimidatory tactics to make them confess. Other convicts at the Mile Two are here to tell their story. How about the Senegalese alleged attacker Mballow? How about Mballow’s  battered face?  Look, let Sam stop the lies and tell the truth.

Baboucarr Jatta is alive and can attest to these facts. Sam left a bad legacy at the GNA. Praise singing Jammeh was his second name. He calls Jammeh’s government legitimate at some point and turns around calling it undemocratic. Sam needs to get a life and stop the hypocrisy. With all his so called education, Sam acted so low to allow to be used by Jammeh. Sam needs to work on how to reconcile with Gambians and not embark on deception campaign.

I’m not a supporter of Sana Sabally. My conscience cannot allow me to watch Sam criminalized a person he shares the same characteristics with. Sana was wild just like Sam. They all owe an apology to Gambians. Coups are bad, but Sam cannot use his position to deny accused persons justice. The trial by media he exposed Drammeh and others was a violation of the constitution. Sam ought to know better.

The Freedom Newspaper’s call for Sam and Chogan to file a case against Sana should be supported by facts and evidence. Sam and Chongan cannot just walk into the courts without providing compelling evidence to indict Sana. Sam’s past terror activities might undermine the said case. Lets Sam defend himself on these allegations and I will come with more revelations. We were on the ground since 1994. Sam can fake the Gambians in  Diaspora and not us who witnessed his past dubious  and sinister activities. Arjarma Bandirabeh.

Editors note:The views of the author does not represents the position of the Freedom Newspaper in anyway. This paper cannot be held liable for the content of the writer’s claims. His views are his views and does not reflects the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Colonel Sarr is free to respond to the allegations. We hope our position is loud and clear. Thanks for your attention.

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 (Archive on Monday, June 25, 2007)
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