Jammeh exposed by Lama                Singhatey should watch
his back-says Lama

By Lamarana Jallow, Son of The Gambia, Banjul.

Dear Mr. Editor,

I’m back this time around with more revelations. Since President Jammeh is not behaving, I’m compelled to expose some classified files to your readership. Jammeh can be best compared with roaming animals in the bushes of  Dobong. Jammeh is a wicket soul who enjoys oppressing our people. The man is not better than the insane Gambians at our mental homes. For Jammeh, sympathy is alien to him. Faced by mental disorder, Jammeh is jailing our people without recourse or any legal justification. 

He is not a respecter of human rights and good governance. Jammeh was abandoned by his parents at a tender age and as such he can have love for human beings. Thanks to the late Pa Alphonse Tamba, Jammeh life had changed for the better. He was a  street kid, who survived on begging to feed himself. Jammeh’s  don’t respect his own Mum. This is because he was never raised by the old woman. He does things with impunity. He never heed to his parents advise. You don’t expect such an animal to have mercy for our people. Jammeh is an animal to the core.  He laughs while he  is killing our people. Jammeh is a betrayer of the highest caliber. Almost half of the people he got into contact with, Jammeh had betrayed them. Jammeh only cares about his personal interest and nothing else.

Our men in active duty-most importantly the personnel of the NIA, the police and the Gambian National Army should open their eyes, ears and listen to me.  You are not better than your former colleagues who are today languishing in jail without trial. If Yahya Jammeh can order for the immediate killing of Daba Marena, Lowe and others who are you to be spared?  You know where Daba and Co are buried. I don’t need to go into details. You also know the soldiers who killed them. If Yahya Jammeh can  order for the torture of Foday Barry, Abdooulie Kujabi, Ngoor Secka, Baba Sarho, Musa Dibba and others, who are you to be spared? Remember, what goes around, comes around. Be watchful, Jammeh is a traitor who is hell bent on destroying the under privilege tribes in the army. Jammeh gave priority to his tribe when it comes to promotion and assignment of duties in the force. This is no secret. The boys are angry in the barracks. They openly lament about the injustices  in the force.

Lang Tombong Tamba is a ceremonial Brigadier General. Tamba was promoted based on tribal line and nothing else. By virtue of seniority and competence, the said position should have been given to Colonel Peter Singhatey, but Jammeh will never do that. Jammeh don’t want intelligent officers like Peter Singhatey to take charge of the army. It’s just a matter of time for Peter Singhatey to be rounded up and dump in jail. Take my  words for granted: Peter Singhatey would not leave the army honorably. He might as well be framed like other officers in the past in the name of coup plot against this criminal administration. Jammeh is posed to eliminate all potential threats against  his government. He recruits his own tribe men to penetrate officers like Peter Singhatey and others. If Peter followed his brother’s foot steps Edward Singhatey it would take a long time before Jammeh might succeed in his conspiracy theories  to get them lock up.

Edward never welcome visitors at  his office without the presence of  his Permanent Secretary or Confidential Secretary. Singhatey does this in a bid to pre-empt Jammeh’s sinister plans to implicate him. Most of these visitors are jollas who posed as anti establishment agents while they are equipped with a mini recorder tape. They report  directly to Jammeh. Most of these  coup attempts were based on mere presumption without any material proofs. They tried to implicate Peter Singhatey and his brother during their investigations in the last March  coup attempt. Musa Jammeh, the late Tumbul Tamba and co tried to force Sheriff Dibba and other coup suspects to name cabinet Ministers who might have hands in the coup.

All these was directed at Edu and his brother Peter Singhatey. Lang Tombong Tamba told Jammeh in private that Peter was Ndure Cham’s friend and as such should be placed on watch list. Unsuspecting Peter Singhatey, little did he know that there was a ploy reached between Jammeh and Lang to get him eliminated alongside with his brother. His promotion was just a cover up to their failed plans to indict the two. If Peter have good sources at the NIA, he should liaise with  them to have a copy of the original coup suspect list. This might help to allay his fears. I’m not trying to create fear in the army, neither do I have any intention of giving him sleepless nights.

As I said earlier, here at Freedom, my duty is to expose declassified file given to me by Jammeh’s hence men. They said they want these files to be publicized before Jammeh’s down fall. I hope the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper would welcome materials I would be forwarding to him in days to come. I’m saddened and disturbed by the contents of these files. They are heart breaking so to speak.  Jammeh is a vicious leader who pretends to love our men in uniform when in actual fact he hates  them.

Peter’s case file has been gathering dust at the NIA. The agency  started investigating him while he led troops in Darfur on peacekeeping about two years ago. Peter was accused of  trying to hold secret training in Dafur in a bid to tackle the leadership upon his return to Banjul. The NIA report also indicates that the soldiers in Dafur were complaining about unpaid allowances. The report accuses Peter of instigating the boys to hate the system. There were plans to get him arrested, but the authorities changed their mind, considering the security implications of such a move. Peter commands a big following in the army. That I know. I interact with soldiers from Fajara, Yundum, Farafenni, Basse, Kundang, Kanilai and Kartong. They like the officer. Peter cannot deny that he was not briefed about Jammeh’s plans to get him arrested. Peter cannot also deny that he never led the said troops to Darfur.

If the former sacked Chief of staff Colonel Assan Sarr (not Samdideen Sarr)  is reading me, Jammeh planted his tribe men to disobey your orders in a bid to get you fired. These soldiers were made to lie that you mistreated them when there was no such mistreatment. I was present at the State House, when Oga lamented about the need to remove you. I know what was said at that meeting. If I should go into details, he would know who Lamarana Jallow is. Oga was misinformed by Lang Tombong Tamba about your alleged “disloyalty.” against the government. Since they failed in their bid to incriminate Peter Singhatey, they resorted  framing  you. Lang told Jammeh that Sarr refuses to effect the arrest of Peter and other soldiers implicated in the  Darfur secret trainings. At that meeting, it was agreed that all the soldiers implicated should be arrested, but for some reasons, Colonel Sarr never wanted to effect the arrests. There and then the President recruited some boys in the army to openly provoke the Colonel. These soldiers in some instances would not complement the Commander if he walks into their barracks, the state house and the army head quarters.

The President even wanted to charge Sarr with treasons, but there was no evidence to incriminate him. The jolla boys tried to lure Sarr into anti establishment conversations at work and after work, but Sarr would not entertain such conversations. Like, Peter Singhatey, Sarr too risked to be arrested in the event of future disturbances in the country. The government is currently mounting secret surveillance on him. They monitored his new business establishment and the people he talked to. They also want to know his loyal men in the army.

There was this day when an undercover agent came to see Edward at his former  Kanifing offices. Edu refused to have audience with the undercover agent without the presence of his perm sec. Ask people who work with Edu they would tell you that he don’t receive visitors without the presence of his office staff.  Edu is always armed while at his residence. Arresting him might cost many lives. That Lamarana can confirm. He never takes chances. Our men in uniform should watch their back. There is a bigger conspiracy reached to implicate more officers!!! Abraka Bandirabeh Hickawelayeh. Hackudenalla. Yahya Geppayehecka.

Posted on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 15, 2007)
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