Students attending colleges in the Boston area are prone to participating in research studies as a way to earn cash. With about a quarter-million college students around the Boston area, researchers have a wide range of people who are desperate for money and will do some bizarre things to get it. One student, Allison Yochim, has made over $3,000 by participating in over 30 medical studies at Boston’s research hospitals. One of the strangest studies she has ever taken part in was watching a computer screen of nature images with graphic sexual pictures posted in between to measure female sexuality.

Many studies are low risk studies. Others require volunteers to have specific ailments or medical conditions ranging from diabetes to sleep deprivation. They can pay from $10 for one hour of participation to thousands of dollars for many nights. Many studies are advertised on the sides of buses and in college newspapers. College students will do anything for the cash. In one study, volunteers were asked to spend one hour in a soundproof booth while wearing headphones that played different voices, one repeating five digit sequences and the other speaking in gibberish.

One student, Rebecca Kazhdan attending Boston University, was once paid $50 to donate blood. The company later called her back three more times throughout the school year. This proves that these companies and students rely on each other to help them meet their goals. At the same time, they could even be causing good things to happen.

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