David Schussler

What more could frighten the American people than having the New York Times, Colin Powell, and a large portion of the liberal intellectual community endorse Barack Obama?

Most Americans do not read the New York Times and could care less what or whom they promote. They have proven over the years that although they employ a few good journalists, overall they are completely biased and corrupt and ineffectual as a news or opinion conduit.

Drawing on his emotional body, Colin Powell has somehow disconnected himself from his ability to to reason logically, something that he did for many years as a military leader. We will see this week in the news what the Iraqis feel about having been freed from a despot leader and allowed to live normally in a free society, without the constant threat of death or extinction. General Powell has forgotten America’s purpose to help downtrodden people and swept into the confusion and drama of this election, he has not done his homework.

Daily more information has been coming to the forefront regarding Obama’s ideology on government and society, and it is not pretty. Those who have mentored him and those who have given him a hand up have worse than questionable character and some are even “intellectuals” like professor Ayers. Obama is a great actor and he plays the role of presidential pretty well. As was indicated by Colin Powell, Obama appears “charismatic” and “transformational”. Sure, but to what effect? Ghandi was charismatic and transformational and it was great but so was Adolph Hitler. What is important is the substance and ideology of the purposed leader. Obama has already proven to be evasive and elusive regarding his short political career and even previous professional life. He did not grow up like most Americans whether black or white with any real adversity or need for hard work, and he gained his positions through the Chicago corrupt political theater. His record as a community leader is miserable. He cohorted with criminals to gain footing and he accomplished little or nothing. His congressional record regarding initiation of good for the nation, and voting record also, lacks any substance, and his alliances and passions for change keep changing as the political climate requires of him (as rev. Wright has said)

Most Americans are not intellectuals (thank God), and Americans are the most beneficent people in the world yet Obama would prefer to take our personal hard earned money and give it to the charities of his choice, not ours. In an already socialistic leaning government, the new bailout “recovery” coupled with re-distribution of an already distribution type tax structure and socialized health care, almost insures us of a European style socialistic government. Have you checked lately how many countries are in dire straights with healthcare, work ethics, economy, and entrepreneurship?

You can intellectualize the state of our nation and the state of our complicity in world affairs all day long but what we are in constant need of is regular old hard working action by common sense folks.

The American people want to be each others keeper and to be able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness with a government that serves us, not rules us. The more we give to government and enlarge its responsibility, the more we lose our freedoms. Most American people get out of bed every morning with a good outlook and go to work, provide for their family and help others. Some go to war. Obama represents those who would live off of the good will of the people. His economic plan would perpetuate poverty and the welfare society and would repress entrepreneurship and the desire for success as redefined by the government.

There is no great choice for president this year but there is sure one lousy one.

Who knows, perhaps an unchecked Democratic government would be an interesting experiment. Presidents Pelosi and Reed are chomping at the bit right now. The results would be immediate. So who cares who endorses Obama or McCain, The American people must think about the results of this election and who would better serve them.

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