Earlier today Jan put up an article on this strange story, and I do hope that you will take some time to read it. It is a glowing example of how justice often becomes mired in the politics of countries.

Colin Bowers met his Egyptian wife, Mirvat el Nady, while they were both working hard on MBA’s

Marriage and two children were the crowning glory of their MBA program. Unfortunately, and as is so common today, the marriage was not destined to last. One possibility might have been a clash of cultures, Egypt and the US are very different.

Colin and  Mirvat were divorced in 2008. Adding some fuel to the fire, Colin was awarded full custody of Noor and Ramsay.

It is in 2009 that this story gets truly bizarre, BNN heard about this case today, we have had little chance to verify the facts, but the story appalls me.

On what was billed as a court appointed visit, the mother grabbed the two young children, and using fake passports for them flew to Egypt.

My wife Jan and I have followed many missing and abused children cases, The US court system may have some failings, OJ Simpson being the one that springs to mind, but most of the time, it gets things right!

Why would they give sole custody to the father Colin Bowers? It is a rarity that the father achieves this status. Courts almost always side with the mother.

What happened here?

Right now I do not know. But you can bet I am going to try and find out!

The kids were 6 and 8. Not young enough to appreciate Shakespeare, but I am sure they like McDonalds, Burger King, and being part of T-ball, and who knows what else. These kids are American, born American, and growing up American.

Mother, Mirvat, who apparently used bogus passports now has the children in Egypt.

This is hardly the first nor the last time that acrimonious divorces will occur between people of different cultures. But it is rare that Interpol gets involved. Interpol link is here.

Egypt were happy enough to buy arms from the US, but apparently less enthusiastic to embrace simple family law.

In many ways Egypt is flipping the Finger at us. My vote is that the next time they come to the begging table we reciprocate!

As of right now, they are harboring an international kidnapper.

More soon

A very grumpy

Simon Barrett

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