U.S. intelligence chief says Russian spies at “Cold War levels”

We announce that we are going to resume the Satellite Defense System, and Russia responds back with success on their Missile Defense Program.

Sound familiar?

What exactly was that definition of insanity?  Doing the exact same thing, which didn’t work the first time, again and again, and expecting different results?

Washington today (06/07/2007) announced that Russian Agents had reached Cold War levels recently.  I’m sure that our agents were off and running long before this article was ever released.  Even considering how difficult it is to enter or leave either country compared to 30 years ago, it would be safe to assume that a few had been “sleeping” for quite a few years in both countries.

The Cold War was one of the factors which led to the Soviet Empire running out of money, along with their ten year war in Afghanistan.  Arms building during those early years drained the Russian economy dry, while the 10 year war drained the morale from its people.

We, as the great nation during those times, could have done so much more to help the Russian people and ourselves at the very beginning.  We had the greatest chance ever in the history of our two nations to sit down work together. Our failure to act on this opportunity has resulted, at least in part, to the current Cold War events we are now facing.

Just imagine…The United States and Russia working together to keep the peace, and improve conditions for ALL People!

I fear that this time around, with our war in the Middle East, we may be the ones out of money and low on morale…Sound Familiar? 

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