Please note that this is an Op-Ed piece. It is based on information that I have received from several sources, all of which have a very high credibility rating.

Jan and I class William Cobra Staubs as an extended family member. So when he calls us up and melts the telephone lines we listen. Those telephone lines started to melt at 7:30am on July 4th. Often Cobra’s language is colorful, yesterday it transcended colorful, in fact it likely contravened the latest Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).

I listened to the story, and I was shocked, but I also know when I am dealing with high explosives, you walk carefully and you treat them with respect. I suggested that Cobra should sleep on it. His response was “I have *&^%*&% slept on it”.

During the time I have known William Cobra Staubs, I have seen him happy, I have seen him despondent, I have seen him angry, but this was the first time I have ever seen him ballistic.

To understand his anger, you need to understand some of the background to the story. I won’t bother you with the details, but while searching for missing Haleigh Cummings Cobra attempted to revoke the bond of an accused sexual predator, Daniel Snodgrass. This action had a cascade effect, finally resulting in Cobra facing 15 years behind bars on a felony charge. 15 years is a long time for anyone, but for a man in his fifties, it is particularly daunting.

The entire episode could have been nipped in the bud, however a well known journalist conveniently managed to lose a crucial tape while traveling in Las Vegas. Of course exactly why he would have taken this particular tape to Vegas is a mystery.

I likely know as much about this case as anyone else, actually I probably know a great deal more than most people.

During his time spent on searching for Haleigh Cummings, Cobra had ruffled some feathers in Putnam County. I do not think that those ruffled feathers were in the PCSO. Every indication I have is that in many ways they welcomed him. He could go places and ask questions that they could not. They were not in competition, it was a symbiotic relationship. The feathers he ruffled came from further up the food chain. He was asking some very embarrassing questions. The Snodgrass incident gave them the opportunity to remove Cobra from the picture.

Legal entities come in two flavors, career men and women that work diligently to solve and also prevent crimes. The second flavor is less savory, they are political animals with agendas.

It was the political faction that wanted Cobra to be gone.

From the outset it was clear that locking up Cobra for 15 years was really not a viable option, all that was required was to get him far away from Putnam and causing trouble for a very well connected family.

Cobra is not a fool, and only a fool represents himself in court. He needed to find some legal representation. I will skip his first choice, a highly litigious and well known lawyer, to even mention his name would result in a cease and desist letter to me. Instead, for cost reasons Cobra went with a Putnam county based attorney Don Holmes.

At the time I told Cobra that he was insane! He needed someone outside of the closed loop. Of course it is easier to herd cats than get Cobra to change his mind on almost anything!

Don Holmes comes well recommended, Don Holmes will do me right

It was not very long before the attitude had changed. The love affair was over, however Cobra still had high hopes that Don Holmes would come through.

The parameters were simple. Plea this down to where Cobra can regain his license that was currently under suspension, and would be revoked permanently should he have a felony conviction under his belt.

The plea deal came down, and indeed it was custom based. The plea was a simple battery, often known as the touch strike law. This is a very minor infraction. The terms of the probation were the strangest I have ever seen, Cobra can carry weapons, he can hang out with bad people, he can be around drugs, he can have a Gin and Tonic if he wants one, etc, etc.

Cobra has indeed had his Bail Bond license reinstated. However his excitement was quickly tempered by the fact that now the state wants to yank his PI license. Citing some little known statute, the Department of Agriculture (yes you did read that correctly) wants to revoke the PI  license. The reason being,  Simple Battery is a crime of violence!

There is much finger pointing going on, who dropped the ball? Don Holmes says it was not his problem. Of course when we dig a little into Don Holmes we find some interesting stories. The DA that went after Cobra was Boatright, the story is that both Boatright and Holmes worked together in the DA’s office and also in private practice.

Public record also shows that Holmes is running for Judge in an upcoming election. How convenient is that? I can see the platform, Vote Holmes, I’ll Keep Putnam Safe From Bounty Hunters!

Obviously this is just my own opinion, but I do believe that poor Cobra is being hung out to dry.

He asked questions that were embarrassing to the politicos, and they are not going to let it drop. I’ll go so far as to share the question that started this whole disaster, who was Haleigh Cummings biological father?

Simon Barrett

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