As the trend turning our media News outlets into talk shows continues, one in particular (CNN ) has created a new format, having our Responsible reporters becoming guest commentators wasn’t enough, now we have our “Anchor” man (person) -. as the News story Itself. Here is a recent example which shows the reporter as the story – What “He said, What “He” did, as actual news.

Not earth Shattering, but “Don Lemon on The Trump Wall” or “Don Lemon on the Shutdown”
Brings one to wonder why CNN doesn’t realize that no one cares what the reporter thinks. This brings us back to the two years the public had to listen to CNN interview Richard Quest, a British reporter (Not an Aviation expert, Pilot, or Engineer), Constantly, on what he thought about the Malaysia Air Disaster, every time they couldn’t come up with an expert, or didn’t actually have any new updates to report. Big solution to all this. Read the news to us, Report the News to us, if there is nothing new or exciting to report. Call it a night and run a movie !


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