In this modern world of Political Correctness every news reporter and commenter has to observe some rules. Could it be the Ten Commandments of big media?

Thou shalt not say anything even remotely to do with the Gay lifestyle unless your name is Ellen Degeneress.

Thou shalt not piss off any company that is paying for adds.

Thou shalt not under any circumstance play the ‘race card’ even if it fits (hey minorities buy washing detergents).

Thou shalt not piss off any person who in turn might piss off a paying sponsor.

Thou shalt not make jokes about the Gay lifestyle…. Oops we already covered this one.

OK, so I have only quoted the first five. The second five are merely a boring repeat of the first five.

So what did Roland Martin do to get sent for a timeout by CNN?

His sin was Twitter. He made a couple of remarks that seem to have ruffled the feathers of the Mother Hen at CNN. He was twitting (if that is even a word) about one of the mega million dollar adverts shown during the SuperBore, oops I mean SuperBowl.

I am not into designer underwear, I thought Fruit of the Loom and Haines were the king. But apparently there is this other bunch H&M. I can honestly say that I have never heard of H&M, but if they have a few tricks to prevent ‘wedgies’, ‘Knots’, and other kinks in their ‘Tighty Whiteys’ I say OK!

So what is the storm in a pair of briefs that Roland Martin has found himself  in?

At the center is some Brit guy who plays football. Of course he actually plays with a ball that is round and uses his feet to kick it. Hence the Brit term Football. Get it? Ball and Foot?

David Beckham is the gentleman’s name. By all reports he is quite good at kicking spherical balls and winning tournaments. So H&M feature this guy in his Tighty Whiteys, who cares?

Apparently CNN does! Roland supposedly twitted, tweeted, or whatever the hell the term is :

 “Ain’t no real bruhs going to H&M to buy some damn David Beckham underwear! #superbowl,” “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl,” and “I bet soccer fan @piersmorgan will be in line at H&M in the morning to get his hands on David Bechman’s  [sic] underwear line! LOL #superbowl.“

To me it just seems like some drunken texting. Maybe one too many Superbore Nachos. But of course there has to be some group that takes umbrage. In this case it is some outfit by the name of GLAAD, not to be confused with Glad Bags, they are quite useful. GLAAD seems to think that Roland Martin was making anti gay comments in his tweets. Even if he was, does it matter? If everyone that made a race, color, religion or sexuality remark, and was sent for a time out, guess what, we would all be stuck at home, and there would be no TV to watch, or radio to listen to. There would be no open supermarkets, but that would not matter because there would be no banks to give you money!

Today on afternoon TV the subject of David Beckhams underwear was front and center. Ellen Degeneres who is very happy out of the closet had nothing but great things to say about his tighty whiteys. As did the harpies on The Talk. This bunch of most certainly heterosexual witches seemed quite keen on David’s underwear!

I think GLAAD should bag it! I also think that CNN needs to grow up, rather than punish Roland Martin they may want to look at their junior station HLN. Roland has no deaths on his conscious, can Nancy Grace say the same thing?


Simon Barrett





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