With the News today that a partial wing part / piece has been found in the Indian Ocean – CNN spared no time in throwing Richard Quest, on air again , A British Born Journalist that CNN puts on the air each time an aviation incident takes place. The nauseating aspect of this over the past year is that this reporter is held out by CNN as an authority – something he is not. As a result the public gets endless days of theories by on air talking heads/ (starting bright and early tomorrow with Chris Cuomo) who are not remotely qualified to speak on the topics being reported- other than to read the news. CNN has become “the view” complete with couch on set – yikes they are making both liberal “MSNBC” and conservative “Fox” both shine. CNN – save us, and go back to reporting the news – not your anchor’s opinions which no one wants to hear. … Aschmails tweets at https://twitter.com/bridgeforsale

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