After Times of India, it is now the turn of CNN-IBN to start campaign for dilution of the Information Technology Act 2000. The PR mangers who are out to make Information Technology Act 2000 a toothless legislation and give a free rein to Cyber Criminals, are doing an excellent job of manipulating media opinion. The latest to fall prey is CNN-IBN which campaigns for omission of Section 80 of ITA 2000 which provides restrictive powers of arrest to Police. See the Report

Section 80 of ITA 2000 provides that only  Police above the rank of DSPs, and only in public places can search and  arrest persons only if they are about to commit an offence under the Act. This is a highly restricted power much less than the powers available under CrPC.

If even this power is not made available to Police, then can the Police wait for a Judicial Warrant before every arrest while the criminal takes his time to erase all evidence?

Journalists who are not aware of the real requirements of Law enforcement are passing lose comments on the proposed law and echoing the words of vested interests who want “Business Without Responsibility”. ..Naavi

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