By Honey Gillard.

During the eventful season of Oprah’s Oscar Special, Hollywood star ‘Julia Roberts’ visits the home of the one and only MR. George Clooney, in Hollywood Hills. The two interviewed one another as a part of the celebrity special. The interview also featured a SURPRISE phone call from the pair’s friend and fellow Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt.

Below is a brief transcript of what happened on the inside of the insightful 3-way meeting:
*Phone rings

Julia: George Clooney’s house. Hello?

Brad: Julia? Hey, it’s Brad. Listen, I was thinking I would avoid the line of questioning about the Oscars. You know, I would stick with the [People’s] Sexiest Man Alive line of questioning. Who’s that [in the background]? Is that George?

George: Hey, hi!

Brad: Hey, how are you doing? We’ve just been talking about how great we thought it was that you were the two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner…and you know George, you’re a real inspiration, a real inspiration to us younger guys.

George: I just wanted you to know that I thought you looked great when you didn’t win at the Golden Globes.

Brad: Thank you, man. Thank you! And I think the plastic surgery is fantastic! You really cannot tell. You really can’t tell. Hey listen, while I’ve got you on the phone, I think the question America really wants to know and hear from you is what exactly are the responsibilities of wearing the crown of the Sexiest Man Alive?

George: Well, you did a pretty good job of tarnishing it for a long time and they thought they’d bring me in to clean it up again. I think I’m doing a really good job.
Clooney received and Oscar for ‘Syriana’ in 2006 and Roberts was victorious for her outstanding role as Erin Brockovich in 2001.

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