With the recent announcement by CBS that they have made ex-Clinton friend Rick Kaplan the new Executive Producer of the CBS Evening News, it was eyebrow raising that another fawning pal has suddenly been ensconced in a “new” position at an American news service.

The AP has announced that long time Clinton friend,Ron Fournier, is joining the newswire service to act as the watchdog for “accountability and governing”.

“His primary responsibilities will be developing new approaches to political and election coverage online, working with AP’s news, multimedia and revenue groups,” Kathleen Carroll, the executive editor, said in a statement on Thursday.

Ron also will contribute to that coverage, bringing his sharp eye and multimedia experience to analysis and some new storytelling on this important topic. There, he will work closely with AP’s Political Editor, Donna Cassata, under the direction of Washington Bureau Chief Sandy Johnson.

Longer range, Ron will drive a new coverage focus on accountability and governing.

Fournier left AP last Summer to work for an internet site called hotsoup,com, but got his start “…as a political reporter at the statehouse in Little Ark., covering then-Gov. Bill Clinton.” AP helpfully reminds us that Fournier, “…covered Clinton’s presidential campaign, moved to Washington in 1993 after Clinton was elected and spent 13 years covering the White House and national politics.”

(See Fournier’s farewell to HOTSOUP.com HERE)

Do you think this guy will be “fair and balanced”?

How about the loving joshing good ‘ol Bill offered to Mr. Fournier at the 1998 White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner:

And to Ron Fournier – you know, I honestly believe Ron Fournier is the only person who came to Washington with me from Arkansas who hasn’t been subpoenaed. But the night is still young.

So, with Fournier and Kaplan, both close Clinton apologists, taking new positions in the MSM, is this the start of old Clintonistas coming back to the media to give Hillary some insider help with her emerging campaign?

Let’s keep our eyes open for any other Clinton pals who just might “coincidentally” end up in new MSM jobs.

Interesting developments, just the same.

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