New Willey Book Says Clintons Responsible for Burglary,  Stolen Book Manuscript

Suspicious Death of Her Husband Being Looked Into 

Kathleen Willey is back in the news and she’s saying it wasn’t the butler that did it.

Hillary Clinton did the cover-up to what she believes was a suspicious death of her husband. It wouldn’t be the first time the Clintons have been implicated in a suspicious death.

More on this Clintonesque tale from World Net Daily:

Willey, who claims she was groped by President Clinton in the White House, acknowledged in an interview with WND today that she stands by the speculation she poses about her husband’s demise in “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” set for release this week by World Ahead Publishing, WND Books’ partner.

Asked if she suspects her husband Ed, a lawyer and son of a prominent Virginia lawmaker, was murdered, Willey replied, “Most definitely.”

“I’m having someone with a forensics background look at this, and I intend to pursue this further, now that these questions have been raised,” she told WND, pointing to alleged discrepancies in the autopsy report.

Does she believe the Clintons were involved?

“I do have suspicions,” Willey said, “yes.”

One other thing that was eye-opening was her husband’s autopsy report.

Willey said she requested a copy of the autopsy report and spoke to a medical examiner who told her the powder burns on her husband’s right hand were consistent with suicide.

“When I asked if the burns were indicative of a left-handed person committing suicide, [the examiner] said no. The room started to spin, and I went into the bathroom and threw up. By the time she sent me the full report, though, she’d reconsidered, saying it could be consistent with a left-handed person. She suggested that he held the gun with both hands but pulled the trigger with his right. That’s exactly how Vince Foster is said to have killed himself.”

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Clintons Involved in Murder Cover-up? 


Clintons Involved in Murder Cover-up?

World Net Daily

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