This is of passing interest and it brings up an amusing scenario that works to show how the left is filled with hypocrisy. Remember in 2000 when the left had ginned itself into a frenzy that Al Gore barely won the majority of the popular vote, yet lost because we don’t elect a president by popular vote? Since George Bush won the most Electoral College votes, and since that is how we really elect a president, Bush won. Now, recall how the left went mad that that Gore lost yet he got the popular vote?

So, here is the funny thing. Obama won more delegates in New Hampshire than the popular vote winer, Hillary Clinton. Check out the CNN delegate tote board and you’ll see that Hillary only ended up with 11 delegates while Obama got 12.

And now the question: Where are the leftists screaming that the woman who won the popular vote didn’t get the most delegates?

Answer: Because she has so many more delegates than the rest of the field combined, it doesn’t matter that Obama got more delegates than she in New Hampshire.

Result: the left doesn’t care about “fairness” and “democracy,” they only care about winning. If they can USE arguments of “fairness” and “democracy” to further their case, they will do so. If it doesn’t affect their case, they will ignore the issue.

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