Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) still hasn’t moved on, and remains fixated about the legitimate questions raised about his four-month tour of duty at the helm of a Navy patrol-boat in Vietnam by a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential race. He has since leaped to the defense of any fellow Dem who he thinks is being “swiftboated,” including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA), her colleague Rep. John Murtha (PA) and now, presidential candidate Barack Obama (IL).

Reports The Boston Globe:

Kerry’s latest mission: taking on what he calls the “disgusting lies” on the Internet and in the right-wing media questioning Obama’s patriotism and faith. Kerry, who recently endorsed Obama, vowed yesterday to use his unique experience to defend the Democrats from the same kind of “swift boating” tactics that Republican operatives used to help sink his presidential campaign. …

A chain e-mail falsely reports that Obama is a Muslim who was indoctrinated as a youth in a radical Islamist academy when his family lived in Indonesia. It also incorrectly alleges he was sworn in as a senator using a Koran and is anti-American for refusing to put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. …

Though the rumors have repeatedly been debunked, the e-mail that spread them has reportedly shown up recently on a Republican Party website and has been widely distributed in South Carolina, where Democrats vote in a primary Saturday.

“Reportedly” is a weasel word that means the reporter either didn’t want to contradict Kerry’s unfounded assertion that Republicans are swiftboating Obama or was too lazy to substantiate the claim that the anonymous e-mail has been posted on a Republican Web site. To be sure, GOP pundits and strategists, such as Karl Rove and Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, are already giving thought to how to beat Obama, should he be his party’s nominee, but to date no Republican campaign has gone after Obama.

It wasn’t a Republican who slammed Obama for his association with a slumlord. It wasn’t a Republican who suggested Obama “doesn’t take responsibility” (is that code talk for “shiftless”???) It wasn’t a Republican who suggested Republicans would insinuate that Obama was a drug user and dealer in his misspent youth. In fact, many Republicans and conservatives have gone on record stating that they find Obama’s candidacy inspiring.

So Kerry should be directing his outrage towards Bill and Hillary Clinton, and their surrogates.

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