World Wide Depression May Loom

President Clinton will need to hit the ground at a sprinters speed to get a handle on defeating the world wide depression she inherits from the Republicans eight years at the helm. 


They call it “recession” these days but really its a depression and this ones going to be second only to the Great one.

A description my Grand Dad always disliked having lived through it and regretting the many people he had to lay off for the sake of those he could keep.

Last time things were as bad as they may get in the next year. The Republic darn near collapsed and a small band of really wealthy folk actually made it to the plotting stage of choosing the General . Who would as they say “detain”  the heads and family members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

But I digress the issue at hand is George Bush. Having spent nearly eight years spending and borrowing, Borrowing and spending. Hoping, and at this point doubtless praying. He could fool the people just long enough to be on the chopper ride back to Crawford. Before those who financed the feast show up at the table to collect the check. The bill for a feast of greed he and his chums have sated themselves with.

I know how to read profit and loss statements, while liars figure and you can make figures lie. The uncomfortable reality remains at the end of the day. The people who you owe money to. They know to the last penny how much debt you have run up.


George W and friends have not only maxed the credit card. They frittered away money they claimed to have that just does not exists, Save in the feeble imagination of his economic advisers who are convinced “scriptural economics” will provide for the short fall.

I anticipate even our snake kissing evangelical friends will pause long enough when the “Facts” come out. If only to scold Brother Bush for disfiguring so many of those numbers. After all whats a few dozen more zeros give or take like Jethro Bo-dine they generally only make it up to six goes into seven. Before getting distracted by what ever female relative is in hand reach.

Once responsible democratic minded public servants are controlling the public purse. They can begin the five to seven year process of restoring the economy to pre Hoover, oops, Pre Bush stability.


It will be difficult for everyone but under the capable stewardship of elected officials. Decent folk focused on providing for the welfare of the people. As opposed to those all too eager to satisfy the wanton money lust of family and friends.

We may even enjoy another “surplus” as we did when another President named Clinton left office.


I recall as many do the national economic prosperity we enjoyed during the First Clinton administration. Indeed one of the pitfalls of good times is the ability for political confidence types to grab the platform of gossip mongering and declare the intent  ”To restore dignity and honor to the oval office” Sounds rather hollow now. I suspect even to those who will be voting for Senator John McCain. A man I have often praised for his valor, honor and dignity.


Even some evangelicals who were snookered by the crew from Texas revealed the truth as they left and of course were smeared by Sir Rupert’s big brother media empire. 

Come that cold afternoon a few months hence. The final wave as they board Marine one the first leg of the ride back to Crawford. And the decades ahead of attempting to rehabilitate a disgraced Presidency. The image will invoke more the color of Nixon’s exit from public life then Reagan’s.


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