Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) is running for vice president – Hillary Cinton’s (D-NY) No. 2, specifically (that is, assuming hyperventilating pundits are overestimating the significance of her sub-par performance in the October 30th debate).

In debate after debate he resolutely refrains from attacking her policy proposals, her inconsistencies or her lack of candor, and has even come to her rescue to extricate her from sticky situations.

For instance, in this last debate, after repeated attacks on Hillary’s honesty, Richardson used the precious few seconds he had on one of the few questions he was asked to defend her against accusations that she was in the pocket of special interests:”You know what I’m hearing here? I’m hearing this holier than thou attitude towards Senator Clinton that – it’s bothering me because it’s pretty close to personal attacks that we don’t need. Do we trust her? Do we – did she take money from special interests?”

And When Kucinich had her on the ropes in the IA debate over whether she had been “tricked’ into voting to authorize the Iraq War, Richardson stepped in and changed the subject (third item).Richardson doesn’t need to be Hillary’s attack dog – she’s got husband Bill for that. But Richardson can be Hillary’s knight in shining armor, gallantly fighting for her honor – which will have the added bonus of feminizing her.

A paranoid control freak, Hillary is also more likely to trust Richardson to watch her back – certainly more than Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) or Fmr. Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), who have been going at her hammer and tong of late – because he was in Bill’s posse as Secretary of Energy during the Clinton Administration (he even did a stint working for a consulting firm founded by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff Mack McLarty); as a former cabinet member, he’s actually been “in the White House” as opposed to just living there, like Hillary.

Plus, he will add geographic balance to the ticket; and – not to put too fine a point on it – can pull in the Hispanic votes that a liberal female candidate might not otherwise get.

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