Maureen Dowd starts her New York Times column on Sunday, “Channeling her inner Cheney, Hillary Clinton dropped a fear bomb, as Michelle Obama might call it, implying in a new ad that if her opponent is elected, your angelic, innocent, sleeping children could die in a terrorist attack” – a reference to her latest campaign ad (video link), which asks when the phone rings at 3 a.m. in the White House because something has happened “in the dangerous world,” who do you want answering the phone? 

Not to be outdone, Dowd’s counterpart Frank Rich titles his column, “McCain Channels His Inner Hillary” and writes that the presumptive GOP candidate “is emulating almost identically the suicidal Clinton campaign against Mr. Obama. He has mimicked Mrs. Clinton’s message and rhetorical style, her tone-deaf contempt for Mr. Obama’s cultural appeal, and her complete misreading of just how politically radioactive the war in Iraq remains …” 

And recently within two days of each other, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman and Dowd both argued that Barack Obama is channeling his inner woman. (Goodman: “Now we see a woman running as the fighter and a man modeling a ‘woman’s way’ of leading.” Dowd: “The first serious female candidate for president was rejected by voters drawn to the more feminine management style of her male rival.”) 

So McCain is channeling his inner Hillary who is channeling her inner Cheney, and Obama is channeling his inner woman – which should mean that like McCain he is channeling his inner Hillary since she is the only woman in the race – but doesn’t, since Hillary is channeling her inner Cheney. Got that? 

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