Hillary Clinton’s official campaign Web site states: “Hillary has spent her lifetime as an effective advocate for parents and children” and without a modicum of shame or irony, promises that she favors “Protecting children against violence and sexual content in the media and studying the impact of electronic media on children’s cognitive, social, and physical development.”

Hillary would do better to study the impact of husband Bill Clinton’s insistence that fellatio is not sexual activity (“I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”) on children’s moral, social and physical development in the decade since Matt Drudge broke the story on his then fledgling Web site that Newsweek was about to spike an article by Michael Isikoff about the president’s affair with a White House intern who was less than half his age.

The Stiletto is more than happy to get her started on her research:

† A special report in the November/December 2000 issue of Family Planning Perspectives, published by Planned Parenthood’s Alan Guttmacher Institute, “Oral Sex Among Adolescents: Is It Sex or Is It Abstinence?” notes the lack of data on “noncoital behaviors” amongst adolescents, and details the risk – and increasing prevalence – of sexually transmitted diseases that can be acquired and passed on through oral sex (human papillomavirus, herpes simplex virus, hepatitis B, pharyngeal gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and chancroid) in this age group. Imagine – virgins are getting STDs.The report also summarizes research showing that many adolescents and teenagers think that oral sex is a casual activity – permissible between boys and girls who aren’t even dating – but that vaginal sex should be reserved for serious relationships.

† In April 2005, the peer reviewed journal Pediatrics published a study that was “the first to investigate adolescents’ perceptions of the health, social, and emotional consequences associated with having oral sex as compared with vaginal sex, as well as whether adolescents view oral sex as more acceptable and more prevalent than vaginal sex.” Data from questionnaire completed by 580 ninth-graders attending two public high schools in CA (mean age: 14.5 years old) showed that nearly one in five (19.6 percent) had engaged in oral sex and that nearly one in three (31.5 percent) planned to within the next six months. The researchers also found that, “Adolescents also believed that oral sex is more acceptable than vaginal sex for adolescents their own age in both dating and nondating situations, oral sex is less of a threat to their values and beliefs, and more of their peers will have oral sex than vaginal sex in the near future.”

† Oprah Winfrey calls oral sex among children as young as 12 years old “a new kind of spin the bottle” that occurs at “parties, school, buses,” and describes “oral sex parties” at which “boys line up in ‘trains,’ with each boy being serviced by a girl.”

Virginian-Pilot columnist Jacey Eckhart echoes the discomfiture of all parents in the aftermath of the Lewinsky scandal: “Where my punishment for getting a hickey in 1983 was explaining to my mother how such a mark was administered, in 1998 I had to explain oral sex to my second-grader. And in 2008 I have to explain to my eighth-grader how oral sex really is sex.”

An advocate for parents and children? Far from it. Hillary has spent her adult life defending and enabling Bill’s shocking mistreatment of women and destroying his accusers one by one with the same single-minded zeal with which she is now pursuing the White House.

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